change attributes

Change Attributes you Need for the Future

There are a range of support tools in the market to help streamline and automate processes for Project Management. What about the change attributes that our profession will need in the future? With changing business models, market volatility and technology advancement a certain set of attributes will be needed now, and in the future.

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resistance to change

Resistance to Change – why do we do it?

In life change is inevitable, the same as death and taxes, but it’s often the thing people resist the most. Much has been written on the subject of change, and how it affects people. Resistance to change can cripple businesses. With businesses needing to flex and adapt to changing markets and consumer needs, people are pivotal to the success of change initiatives.

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find talent

Find Talent – How we Choose the Best

Before you choose the ‘best’, you need to know what ‘best’ looks like. The graduate market is booming again. Employers want to find talent, bright capable people to boost their businesses. At Grayce we look for the best in graduate talent to join our three year Development Programme.

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job search blank page

Job Search Tips – Winning that Perfect Job

We’ve put together our top tips for your job search. At Grayce we process thousands of applications a year for our Graduate Development Programme, so we’d like to think we know a thing or two about the job search. We know good practice when it comes to CVs and interviews.

If you’ve just finished university, you may be thinking about what to do next and applying for roles to start your career. Here we discuss our top tips for your job search.

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