• Supportive, Inclusive and Diverse

    Culture and Values

    At Grayce we are collaborative, our Project Analysts are approachable and likeminded. We listen to and learn from each other as well as socialising regularly, enjoying charitable events and outings together.


Grayce takes pride in its diverse and inclusive workplace valuing everyone as an individual in our Grayce community. Grayce Project Analysts come from a variety of degree backgrounds who are like minded and live by the Grayce values. This inclusive environment means everyone is able to participate and achieve their potential.


Grayce Project Analyst

"Grayce has given me the tools and development to work on large scale change projects within recognised companies, and a platform for my personal future career"

Grayce Project Analyst

"My training has allowed me to become a qualified change professional and matches experienced contractors in the same field"

Grayce Project Analyst

"My time with Grayce has changed me from a graduate into a well-qualified change professional in three short years, with a business network of friend and colleagues spanning across three nationally recognised companies"