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    Development Programme

    The Grayce Development Programme is a 3 year journey, helping you fast track your career and realise your potential. You will obtain professional qualifications and expand your skill set by gaining exceptional change and transformation experience working in leading UK organisations.

What is the Development Programme?

We believe in the potential of our people so have designed a Programme that enables our Project Analysts to gain a solid understanding and practical knowledge of change through four core pillars, client delivery, technical advancement, professional and performance support.

The Development Programme blends on-site client experience and professional qualifications with professional support through our community of Project Analysts and performance excellence supported through your Delivery Manager.

Delivery Managers will coach and mentor you as you advance through the Development Programme. They will help you build your bespoke training plan and align your development to your career goals. Watch our Development Journey video to find out more.

What training and qualifications are included in the Development Programme?
We offer access to industry accredited qualifications from BCS, APM and more. In year one of the Programme you gain a solid foundation in change management disciplines, so that you are equipped with the knowledge to perform any role in the Project Management lifecycle.

We work with you to define your journey through years two and three, really focusing in on your long-term career aims. We’ve seen Project Analysts choose qualifications in management accounting and marketing to help them acquire additional knowledge in these areas and complement future career choices.

As standard, all Project Analysts will be supported with Leadership and Management training, as part of the Programme, to help build hard and soft skills in this area.

All training and development opportunities are designed to complement your client experience, in a way that accelerates your own development. We promote continuous development and aim to sustain standards of excellence in line with our Grayce values and principles. For more information on what you will gain from the Development Programme, click here to watch a short video.

What types of client experience do you offer in the Development Programme?
The Development Programme has been designed to provide you with a broad range of experiences across clients, projects and disciplines.

Project Analysts have undertaken client assignments working on key regulatory changes, such as GDPR and Brexit, whilst others work on digital transformation programmes helping businesses integrate digital services, and much more.

We work with leading UK businesses, see Our Clients to find out more.

How would I be supported throughout the Development Programme?
Aside from the formal qualifications on offer in the Development Programme you will also get access to our learning platform, the Centre of Excellence, full of useful tools, templates and best practice, accessible when you’re on client assignment.

Not only that, you will also be assigned a Delivery Manager who will act as a mentor and coach throughout your time on the Programme, making sure you’re fulfilling potential and delivering the quality client service we’re known for.

Our Project Analysts are a like-minded community of change professionals and we make sure we offer a collaborative culture by hosting social events, business briefings, annual conferences. Our ever growing community proactively shares share best practice and experiences with peers through Knowledge Exchanges.

As part of the Programme you’ll get access to career coaching too, so that you can make the right move once you complete the Programme. Our Alumni go on to great things, using Grayce as a launch pad to really accelerate their careers. Your Delivery Manager will help you build your career plan throughout the Programme.

Where would I be based?
Grayce works with clients nationwide and new Project Analysts on the Development Programme are accepted as a result of continued client demand.

We strive to make sure that you are based with clients throughout your time on the Programme, avoiding extended periods on the bench. Delivery Managers will visit you on-site with clients, wherever you’re based.