First, we find the brightest in new change talent with the innate ability to add immediate impact for clients. Second, we ready them for client engagement with focused training and accredited qualifications. Finally we exceed client expectations, supporting and enhancing our Analyst performance through our managed service.

    Transform your Change


    Our Development Programme delivers a proven combination of formal training, coaching, mentoring, and peer collaboration to create highly effective change professionals.


    Bright New Change Talent

    We recruit high achievers with exemplary academic records for our 3 year Development Programme. We employ a rigorous selection process to make sure Analysts meet the needs of our clients from Day 1 of their assignment.

    Development Programme Our Solution


    We invest time and resources in our Analysts so you don’t have to. All Analysts gain accredited change qualifications and client specific training as standard. Coupled with our Managed Service, we add immediate value to your change delivery capability from day 1.



With the change stack increasing and an over reliance on contractors to deliver change, there is a lack of emerging talent coming in to the profession. All while costs are escalating and putting organisations at risk of programme delivery failure.

At Grayce we partner with organisations looking to do things differently, helping to build change talent pipelines and transforming change.


Change Specialisms

Change Specialisms

Grayce supports the full range of change disciplines. Our Project Analysts take on roles across the full spectrum from Project Control and Data Analysis through to Business Implementation. They are able to take on specific roles within these areas such as Business Analyst, Junior Project Manager, PMO Analyst or Deployment Lead or work across a range of disciplines as invaluable multi-functional or “hybrid” resources. The scale of work we have performed enables us to leverage our experience across many similar engagements and ensure our Analysts have access to best in class examples of high quality deliverables across the disciplines.

Engagement Models

Engagement Models

We offer a range of ways to engage our Project Analysts. This may be to deliver against a specific role within a project for a fixed Project duration. Where our people add the most value is when we build a partnership with our clients to build a talent pool which can be deployed across a range of projects or as a capability build approach for a specific practice area, helping you deliver against longer term sustainability objectives. What's more, we can offer a pilot arrangement where you can try the quality of our service over a shorter period to give yourself confidence that the model will work for you.

Projects We Have Worked On

Projects We Have Worked On

Grayce Project Analysts are trusted to work and deliver on our clients’ critical change projects. We support a wide variety of change projects across multiple sectors and industries. We have significant experience in Digital transformation, IT Transformation of all kinds, Risk and Regulatory Change, and Business Improvement. The flexibility and ability to learn of our Analysts means they can quickly adapt to differing initiatives.

Transition Options

Transition Options

Where we develop a longer term partnership with your organisation our transition option allows Grayce Project Analysts to take employment with you after a defined period of deployment to your programmes. This gives you a proven high calibre professional who understands and is committed to your organisation helping to maintain knowledge and capability within your organisation.

Leading Financial Technology Company

“The capability, maturity, and focus of each analyst has been outstanding”

Leading Pensions Provider

“With the Grayce model you are able to hire for attitude and talent”

Leading Bank

“The Grayce solution has made us rethink what we need to deliver change”

Leading Financial Technology Company

“Grayce have an ability to find analysts that fit very well within our culture”

Leading Pensions Provider

“As part of a balanced resourcing approach along with permanent and contractor options Grayce is a valuable and essential component”


With the Grayce model you are able to hire for attitude and talent

FTSE 100 Bank

"The analyst’s attention to detail to ensure quality and success is second to none, [they are] methodical, diligent and always striving for excellence"

Leading Pensions Provider

"My experience has been that the attitude and work ethics of the Grayce people is first class"

FTSE 100 Bank

"Consistently demonstrated a "can do" attitude and shown willingness to take on new work, whatever the challenge…, quick to grasp and understand the task, providing insight and analysis"

Leading Online Retailer

"Your team have demonstrated both a great passion to learn and an ability to get up to speed very quickly on the details of the programme"

Leading High Street Bank

"The level of detail and strategy you apply to your work to not only deliver on time but deliver in line with the Bank’s strategic direction considering risks, issues and impacts is outstanding and exceeds all our expectation"