We offer talented people to support your organisational change. Grayce Project Analysts can be deployed in to a range of programmes and projects delivering against exacting requirements.

Regulatory Change

Proactively preparing and managing a change in regulation is essential for commercial success.

Grayce has worked on and delivered in projects in ever increasing regulatory scrutiny. Grayce Project Analysts have been able to work across a variety of project disciplines to analyse and understand legislation, take complex rules and translate in to workable operational changes. 30% of Grayce Project Analysts are currently deployed in Regulatory Change and we’ve supported regulatory change such as;

  • GDPR
  • MiFID II
  • Insolvency II
  • IFRS
  • Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Mortgage Credit Directive
  • Mortgage Market Review
  • Market Reform
  • Drinking Water Inspectorate

We have a number of Project Analysts currently supporting Brexit programmes to help ready organisations for potential change. For more information on regulatory change we have worked on, take a look at our Case Study.

IT Transformation
Technology continues to advance and drive organisational change, Grayce Project Analysts have supported a wide range of IT Transformation projects, helping organisations better use technology and create more efficient processes;

  • Infrastructure stabilisation
  • Cloud transformation
  • Infrastructure security
  • Segregated networks
  • SAN and LAN upgrade
  • System development and migration
  • System decommissions

For more information on IT transformation we have supported our clients on, take a look at our Case Study.

Digital Transformation
As businesses adapt to ever shifting customer needs they look to harness the latest digital technologies to offer new services, understand the markets in which they operate and enhance the customer experience across a range of platforms. Grayce Project Analysts have supported strategic digital transformation programmes with clients for a number of years, rolling out new functionality on existing platforms or introducing new technologies in organisations;

  • Web chat bot functionality
  • Customer portal build
  • Mobile applications
  • Merchant platforms
  • New to bank processes online
  • Development of external websites
Business Improvement
Grayce can support business improvement initiatives with its Project Analyst and Managed Service. Project Analysts are heavily involved in internal and external business improvement projects, whether finding more effective and efficient ways to do business or plan for the future. Grayce Project Analysts have supported;

  • Set up and establishing PMO functions
  • Resource planning, succession planning and resource forecasting
  • Building MI reporting suites
  • Development of go to market propositions
  • Operational process improvements
  • Product development
  • Risk management strategies

For more information on Business Improvement we have worked on, take a look at our Case Study.



“With the Grayce model you are able to hire for attitude and talent”


“The Grayce solution has made us rethink what we need to deliver change”


“Grayce have an ability to find analysts that fit very well within our culture”


“As part of a balanced resourcing approach along with permanent and contractor options Grayce is a valuable and essential component”


"Grayce has given me the tools and development to work on large scale change projects within recognised companies, and a platform for my personal future career"