We have been supporting change projects in numerous industries and various complexities since 2012 and our portfolio is continuing to grow. Among others, our Project Analyst have successfully delivered projects involving GDPR in the legal sector, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) in the pharmaceuticals industry, Insolvency II in insurance and Brexit programmes in the retail market. Find out more about some of the industries we operate in, and the work we undertake below.

Financial Services
Refer to the case study to find out how our Project Analyst can enhance a project and how the Grayce model can reduce knowledge leak. 

The following case study details how Grayce Project Analyst have supported the existing team taking ownership of complex activities. 

The agile methodology is becoming more common in change programmes. See how our Project Analysts supported a client throughout the agile project life cycle and kept the project within time and costin this case study. 

 Our Project Analyst have been successful on strategic large-scale complex programmes. Find out more by reading the case study. 

Grayce Project Analysts in a variety of project roles have helped support clients execute their long-term strategy as illustrated in this case study

Refer to the case study to find out how we met the largest multi-channel specialist electrical and telecommunications retailer in Europe capability requirements

Regulation can elicit the need for change. This case study illustrates how our Project Analyst has supported a key regulatory change GDPR.