The three year Development Programme allows Grayce Project Analysts to build a compelling portfolio of direct client experience and change and transformation qualifications.

Throughout your time on the Programme you’ll be supported with career coaching and building your portfolio ready for once you complete. We will help you identify a career pathway and support you as you move on.

What’s exciting is the number of opportunities that open up to you, because of the skills, experience and qualifications you gain at Grayce. There are a number of routes you can go down. 

Popular Career Pathways

  • We’ve seen Grayce Alumni join their clients permanently at the end of the Development Programme.
  • Project Analysts have also been able to secure opportunities with leading consultancy companies, including the Big 4 consultancies.
  • Some of our Alumni have preferred to be part of a client delivery team and have sought opportunities working for organisations directly.
  • Development Programme Graduates have also made their way into the world of being self-employed contracting, delivering change and transformation on a contractual basis.

Your Delivery Manager will work with you to identify the route you want to take and help you as you progress your plans as part of your career coaching sessions.

Grayce Alumni

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Grayce Alumnus

“It’s safe to say I would not be this far along in my Change career without Grayce, particularly without the level of opportunity afforded to me when I first started out as a fledgling PM only two years ago.”

Grayce Alumnus

“What you’ll leave Grayce with is a tremendous amount of first class change management experience that will enable you to accelerate your career in change.”

Grayce Alumnus

“Whilst life after Grayce is another step into the unknown, Grayce will fully support you through the process.”

Grayce Alumnus

“Interviewers were impressed with the professional qualifications I obtained on the Grayce Development Programme, setting me apart from other applicants.”

Grayce Alumnus

“The blend of qualifications, structured learning and client experience at Grayce is a huge boost to my career and CV.”