Top Technology Trends Happening Right Now

What technology is shaping the change agenda currently? Progress never falters and only increases its pace. We take a look at 5 key trends happening in technology right now.


Introducing BIoT (Blockchain Internet of Things)

Combining IoT with blockchain —or BIoT—can open up brand new services for businesses and their customers. We’re seeing BIoT in action with the creation of smart cities, and even in the world of pharmaceuticals where BIoT can track shipments of medication and supplies. This year, organisations will begin to use App Programming Interfaces to connect the dots. Databases will be able to speak to other data bases, incorporating the blockchain Internet of Things will make it easy for businesses to access real-time data from sensors on products, and with the sophistication of blockchain, it means that customers can feel sure that their data is safeguarded.

Rise of the Bots

2017 was a year where bots were embedded in to the fabric of everyday life. We communicate with bots all the time, from confirming our bank account balances to booking plane journeys online. We’re seeing more bots in the home to help with life administration tasks. From reminders about taking medication to alerting you if you go over your credit limit on your credit card. Bots can even send alerts when your parking is about to run out. With mobile usage set to increase, businesses will be looking to invest more and more on chatbots to improve services to customers.

Home Assistants will get Smarter

Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri are already players in this growing market. The use of the voice activated technology is only predicted to grow this year. Samsung’s Bixby is one to watch, not only will the voice assistant be compatible with its phones, there are plans to integrate the technology with its televisions and even fridges.

Health and Wellbeing Market Continues to Grow

Wearable tech and gadgets that give insightful data about users health will continue to be developed. From improving sleep to ‘smart swimsuits’ that can help improve swim performance, the market for health and wellbeing apps, gadgets and wearable tech will only continue to grow this year.

Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace

AI is already being deployed across consumer activities, (see rise of the bots above), however the use of AI in the workplace will continue to grow as companies look to use the technology across marketing and customer service. This will increase the analytics and data available to businesses to help create a better customer experience, while improving the bottom line.