The Value in Values at Grayce

Development Partner Gemma Phipps discusses the value of values at Grayce – and how they shape everything we do here.

When Grayce was founded we launched with a clear set of values, guiding our decision making, supporting our people and pushing our business forward.

When we celebrated our fifth birthday, we naturally entered a period of reflection about the past, the present and what we wanted for the future. We asked the question – are our values right and relevant for the business five years on?

We set to work, putting our core values under the microscope and challenging whether they reflected our people, our community and what we’re trying to achieve as a business.

We held engagement workshops and ran our annual engagement survey. Both insight gathering exercises told us more about what it’s really like to work for Grayce, what motivates our people and what matters most to us for success.

Using this insight, at our Annual Conference, we asked our people – do you value our values?

Involving the entire business in this piece of work meant that we were able to align business goals with the culture at Grayce. And to answer the question, do our people value our values? We were delighted to see how much our people were invested in the values, and how we could refine the existing ones and transform them into up to date values that truly reflect our business.

The Grayce Values

We care – about our people and clients.

  • Our development programme is personalised, caring for individual analyst needs
  • We go above and beyond to meet the needs of our clients
  • We care about quality

We deliver excellence – it underpins everything we do.

  • We deliver excellent results
  • We provide an excellent service
  • We develop exceptional change leaders

We succeed together – by transforming business change.

  • We believe in giving talented people great opportunities
  • We work in partnership with our clients to deliver value
  • We collaborate to drive sustainable business change

The latter half of 2018 involved testing the principles and understanding how they impacted plans for growth – and if the three values could be embedded in to everything we do at Grayce.

Fast forward to 2019, we’ve launched the refreshed values in our community and processes. Our values help us recruit Analysts in to the Development Programme, we test value alignment at the earliest stage, understanding that Analysts should share our values in order to succeed with us, and for Grayce to succeed as a business.

We’ve also aligned our values to our performance management structures and KPI’s, demonstrating Grayce values is linked to performance review and appraisal processes.

It also translates in to what we do with clients, clarity on what’s important to us a business helps us understand the types of businesses we’d like to work with. Organisations that buy in to our values and proposition make the perfect environment for our Analysts to flourish and help us in our aim to develop the future generation of change leaders.

Values at the heart of the culture

Fundamentally, we’ve put our values at the heart of our culture and operations. If we’re working on something that doesn’t align with our values above, then we’d have to ask ourselves whether we should be working on it at all. It’s a commitment that we Graycians make when we join the business, and one that allows us to continue to progress and succeed, together.