My Development Programme Journey

Say hello to Horsham! One of the UKs biggest insurance organisations is located in Horsham, in this blog, GRAYCE Analyst, Vitor Correia discusses his move to Horsham through the Development Programme and how he’s enjoying life on client-site.

Client opportunities are nationwide here at Grayce, the demand for capable change talent is only increasing. We talk to GRAYCE Analyst Vitor Correia about his Development Programme journey, and how his placement in Horsham, West Sussex is helping his career development.


“Having moved from a big city in Portugal and landing in London I didn’t think I would move out of the big city life. When I was successful for a place on the GRAYCE Development Programme and we spoke about the client opportunities in Horsham I must admit I was a little unsure, however, having a career in change was important to me so I decided to challenge myself and move. I don’t regret my decision.

To start, I have a great work-balance that was unimaginable previously: I walk to work every morning for less than 10 minutes (tube? What’s that?!); I manage to rent an entire flat cheaper than the price of the room I had previously. I have the time, and the energy, to do several things after work be that going to the gym, walks in the park, shopping, cooking nice meals, meet friends, go somewhere…

The atmosphere is also different. At times, the frantic life of a big city does not allow one to appreciate the small, yet so important, things in life, and here I found that peace. It’s also very easy, and not too expensive to go to London and visit my friends there!


Career wise, my client in Horsham is an amazing place to work. It is a very fast paced environment – which is a great balance for the peaceful lifestyle – with fantastic opportunities. The transformation programme I started on subsequently finished and very quickly I was able to take on another role in a different space.

I learn something new every day and the challenges of being part of a business that is so spread out geographically made me develop soft skills that will be so important for my career. I speak on a daily basis with a remote team in India, Romania and Manchester! I have the odd meeting in the London but I found that I enjoy coming back to Horsham at the end of the day, which surprised me!


Another positive is the GRAYCE community. I feel very included in the GRAYCE community. We have a monthly team meeting with all Analysts working for my client in all the different locations which is a fantastic way to feel closer. Melissa, my Delivery Manager, is very present and GRAYCE was very supportive regarding relocation! Plus, there are the London socials that are very easy (and fun) to attend.

I’m not going to sugar coat it: in the beginning it was “strange” living in such a quiet place, but looking back I definitely don’t regret having said yes to the challenge.

I am going to give you the advice I tell my friends, if you feel you’re up for the challenge, try it!

And to any fellow Graycians, if you want to know more about Horsham, feel free to give me a shout and I’ll show you around!”