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As the need for Data Analysis grows, so does the use of Grayce Data Analysts. We’re helping organisations resolve their immediate resourcing challenges and build their capability for data analysis with a sustainable talent pipeline. From data extraction and modelling, to dashboard creation and visualisation, our Analysts can learn SQL, Python, VBA and other analysis methods to support your business’s data needs. Their can-do attitude, adaptability and resilience means they provide a fresh perspective within your existing teams, all with highly tuned communications skills.

Data Analyst

Highly analytical and inquisitive, Data Analysts support your business with real-time, valuable insights. In this role, Grayce Analysts can add value to your organisation in a number of capacities. From understanding current market trends that may influence propositional developments, to interpreting your organisational data to identify procedural improvements, they are the drivers of strategic decision making within businesses.


  • Managing master data, including creation, updates, and deletion
  • Providing quality assurance in data, in accordance with regulatory requirements
  • Translate business requirements and communicate data findings in simple ways
  • Developing dashboards and reporting environment including sources, security and metadata
  • Providing technical support on data mining, and data cleansing

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Callum Naylor, Data Analyst

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