A day in the life of a Hybrid Business Analyst and Project Manager

Hybrid BA and PM Geraint Loudon outlines a typical day he can expect on client site, sharing some helpful insights to read up on.

A day in the life of a Grayce Hybrid BA and PM

Hectic Bristol traffic aside, Monday morning is something to relish when you are a Grayce Analyst. It’s a chance to catch up with your colleagues on the events of the weekend and get organised for a busy week ahead. But of course, busy is good; there is nothing worse than being stuck in an office with nothing to do. Luckily this feeling isn’t applicable as a Grayce Analyst. Grayce’s clients believe in the analyst’s capability ensuring every day offers a new challenge, which is welcomed with ambition and drive. Working with one of the UK’s leading banks, it offers an exciting place to work.

In my experience, no two days are the same. Initially my client assignment was based on one large project full time. However, now I spread my time across 10 projects. Each scenario offers different learning opportunities. The first offering an in-depth knowledge of the detail that goes into a year-long project. The latter displaying an opportunity to improve efficiency and manage multiple projects at the same time. Grayce Analysts often get the opportunity to try a vast range of work on client site, enabling an accelerated development that may not be as easily accessible via alternative channels.

My first four months working with the client were in a pure Business Analyst (BA) role, this has evolved to accommodate Project Management (PM) work, encompassing 10 different projects. The opportunity to diversify early on has given me an understanding and appreciation of the different roles within a project team. This initial BA learning has helped me develop some technical skills, which have come in very handy in my work as a PM.

Support and Guidance

A busy day at work may involve multiple conferences and meetings, but rest assured that this is made easier by the support of existing Grayce Analysts who have trodden the path before you. Especially in your early days, the advice, guidance and support of current and existing Grayce Analysts will help you to get through that acclimatisation period. Once a month, ‘a day in the life’ also includes a social event with your fellow analysts. This gives you the opportunity to get to know the growing number of talented graduates working for Grayce, on a professional but more importantly personal level.

We’re there to support clients and get the job done, but my experience has taught me that the client also has a vested interest in your development. This coupled with the support offered by Grayce management, creates an environment perfect for learning. Not to mention the qualifications you will also obtain as a Grayce Analyst.

With all of this put together, it is no wonder many of Grayce’s Analysts are able to join the clients in permanent roles at the end of their Programme. This of course is only one of the many possible outcomes you can look forward to as a graduate of the Grayce programme.

Being one of the lucky ones, my day-to-day life as Grayce Analyst also includes a great canteen with free teas and coffees… what more could you want?